Aristides Carballo, was born in Tenerife, Spain. At a young age, he comes to Venezuela where he studied graphic design and later architecture. Alternating his studies with trips to appreciate the architecture around the world combined with his great passion for the arts, Aristides Carballo has acquired the “know how” that characterizes architects and designers with a mature experience. In 1986, he founded Mutabile, a company formed by young professionals and motivated by a single objective: channel the talent, creativity and high technology applied to architectural design. Today these professionals are active in “Aristides Carballo and Associates.”


My last university architectural challenge (which mixes passion with fear). The objective was to develop a plot in an important crossroad of the capital city “Caracas”. This intersection has the peculiarity of intersecting avenues with different rhythms: a fast and vehicular one, and a slow pedestrian boulevard. Based on these variables, the proposal consisted in the construction of a building with commercial activity on the first floors and office usage on the higher floors. The volume respects the heights of the surroundings buildings so as to spatially integrate the block and articulate the corner. Inside the building, a central square 9 meters under street level was created, making sure that natural light and ventilation were available. This architectural design gives the visitor an interesting and dynamic apprehension. The building architecture is sober but actual, punctuated by movements and details that make it stand out such as balconies, cornices and external stairs, among others. After sweating by passion and swallowing because of fear, I was rewarded by the jury.


With over 25 years of experience, Carballo has been designing and developing more than a hundred architectural projects including urban design, housing developments, office buildings, houses, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, reaching more than 300,000 m2 of projected areas.