Companies Founded


  Founder y CEO of Dinbog – Social network.

 Founder y CEO of Models of the World – Web directory.

Co-founder & partner of 171 Building: 100 rooms of real estate hotel with sea, 15,000 m². “Morrocoy”.

Co-founder & partner of Solo Beach: a 50-room hotel project, designed on a 12,754 m² site. “Morrocoy”.

Co-founder & partner of Sea Sight Beach Lofts: Project 77 housing units designed for tourists in a land area of ​​80,000 m². “Morrocoy”.

 Co-founder & partner of White Mountain: a joint hotel and tourism project of 260 planned units in a land area of ​​116,000 m². “Morrocoy”.

Co-founder & partner of the Cala – Disco Restaurant.

Co-founder & partner of  Wassup – Sports bar.

AristidesCarballo & Asociados Founder y CEO of Aristides Carballo & Asociados – Signature Architecture.

DakotaProductora  Founder y CEO of Constructora Dakota 1,050, CA – Construction.

  Co-founder & partner of the Nodo – Disco club.

MutabileDiseños Founder y CEO of Mutabile Designs – Architecture studio