Nodo Club



About us

This disco club project was based on changing the external image of a two-story building. In its exterior a horizontal rectangular parallelepiped was made with a grid of rusted metal structure with panels of clear glass which have the letters of the word NODE in an intentionally disordered way so that the one who transits in front of the facade, put up the name of the establishment . Inside, a sober and clean environment was created, the spaces were built using a perimeter seat and to conceal the low height of the premises, two ceilings were designed with the intention of generating a sense of movement: one flat and white and the other inclined. wood to give a personal touch, unique and exclusive that this famous nightclub has had.


Company Details

Location: Madrid Street between Mucuchies and Monterrey, Quinta Betijoque, Las Mercedes, 01060, Caracas, Miranda, Venezuela.

Year of creation: 1999.

Type of company: Individual company.

Size of the company: 11-50 employees.